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  • Push Forward Wholeheartedly, Make the Best Haosen VI Promotion Ambassador Event Summary and Awards
    From the official establishment of VI ambassador system on 25th of June, to today's temporary end, from the early summer, late autumn to the midwinter, the due diligence of the 23 VI ambassadors for more than six months is an important link to ensure the continuous deepening of the Haosen new VI upgrade.
  • Upgraded and Refreshed New Version Haosen Website Coming.
    Haosen company official website serves as a window to make people see Haosen and also an significant channel to display company technical capability, to pass company culture, to show the spirit of Haosen people.
  • Voyage To The World
    Golden October in autumn is when we harvest what we have grown. One will be surely rewarded with efforts made. After over 8-month diligent work, we eventually embraced the first engine product of PSA Morocco project to roll off the line on Oct.27,2017.
  • Warm Congratulations on Foundation laying of Haosen Workshop Phase III
    On November 1, 2014, the foundation laying ceremony of Workshop Phase III was held in Ying Chengzi Industrial Zone for Haosen Vehicle Assembly & Develop Technology Project.
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